An apartment complex built by Klassic Builders in 2016, with around 750 apartment had hard bore-well water. They were treating this hard water with salt based water softener/IonExchanger. However, scaling was a big problem for the residents as their bathroom fixtures would get scaled and blocked. Seeking respite from the growing complaints, the apartment association contacted us. Upon inspection, we found that the Bore-well raw water was connected to treated water through the Ion Exchange/softener. We installed our Hydroenergiser HE300, a 3 inch diameter device along with a sand filter, bypassing the existing softener. Within 15 days, the residents started seeing the results, like more soap lather, more shampoo lather, reduced hair fall, etc.,

Having crossed a year now, the residents are happy and the complaints have gradually reduced to practically zero, which is a big relief to the maintenance personnel

Finally the saving on installing Hydroenergiser is as follows.

  1. Zero salt usage as there is no requirement of salts anymore.
  2. Significant reduction of maintenance costs as the water softening system does not require any.
  3. Space required to store the sodium chloride / common salt bags for regeneration processes has been used for other purposes, since the salt usage is not there.
  4. No wastage of water as there is no regeneration required.
  5. The residents are getting more lather with soap and shampoo while bathing.
  6. Washing machines have stated to perform better now.
  7. Skin irritation, hair fall and other physical symptoms have shown reduction.