We at Hydroenergiser love taking up new challenges. Kesari is an organic dairy near Sagara, Karnataka. The owners of Kesari are committed to providing the healthiest milk available. As such, they go to extreme lengths to make sure that their cattle get the best water, food and care possible. They provide organic grown foods for the animals present in their farm. This means that the cows are feed healthy, chemical free foods. The cows also have a vast expansive area to roam about in. They can move about on their own free will. This mean that the cows can get the exercise they need on a daily basis and in general be more happy and relaxed. With food and care dealt with, Kesari turned to Hydroenergiser.

Our job was to provide the best, most suitable water for the cattle so that they have the most optimal health and also provide the high quality, chemical-free milk. With our water structuring units, we were able to provide not only clean and soft drinking water, but also keep the cows better hydrated. This meant that the cows would remain active throughout the day. They would also be able to digest their food better. All of this resulted in the cows providing more high quality milk than before. The output of the dairy increased, and now Kesari dairy is able to provide amazing milk to even more people than before.

We thank Kesari dairy for giving us the opportunity to work with them to come up with a sustainable solution to improve their production and overall health of the animals in their farm.

Kesari Dairy has some great products. Please do visit their website.