Find here with the installation guide of our product in various applications like – home, apartments, villas, agricultural.


Following these guidelines are very essential:

  • Always donot allow bore well water to enter
  • The he directly, since bore well water may
  • Contain sand, mud, sediments etc, which may
  • Get struck in he. So install a sediment filter
  • Before he, preferably near bore well out let.

Installation guide HOME 1

For individual home application of Hydroenergiser, we need to make a survey, and if we are able to install HE inside the overhead tank, as shown in the sketch will be the best, check the force on the pipe outlet, and install as shown, the out let of the HE can be to the half of the height of the tank, and project the out let to one of the inner surface of the tank.

Installation Guide HOME 2

Installation of HE inside the over head tank is difficult, then adopt this method, install HE horizontally as shown, and then fix the bent tube inside the tank, this will perform the similar to #1, Check the water pressure before installation, see that the water is thrown one foot away from the pipe outlet.

Installation guide HOME 3

In case you find the bore well water first comes to the water sump, you can install the HE as shown in the sketch in side the sump, and then install the bent tube in the over head tank, this type of installation is essential in some cases where the calcium is in excess in water. Always inline sediment filter is to be installed just after the Bore well water outlet.

Installation guide AGRI 4

In case of installation for agricultural use with out drip system, install the correct size of the HE and connect as shown in the sketch, also connect the recharge pipe too back into the bore well, so that the water in the bore well too gets structured. The effect & results of this installation will be very good.

Installation guide AGRI 5

For agricultural use of HE, follow the sketch shown here, install HE after the sand filter tank and before the Fertigation unit, the bore well recharge tube is to be take between the HE and Fertigation unit, as shown in the sketch.

Installation guide AGRI 5

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