Structured water helps farmer to get better returns, This also can be used in industrial application in general, Advantages of Hydroenergiser helps as mentioned here under


• Water quality improves, Soil fertility improves
• Water percolation in soil improves
• Evaporation reduces, No more hard soil
• Yield increases due to better hydration
• Scaling on the roots are removed
• Leaf tip burn stops, Leaf droppings stops
• Better quality and Quantity produce
• Spray heads will not get blocked, Irrigation equipments lasts longer
• Drip nozzles will not get blocked, Quicker Return on investment
• Water penetration improves in soil
• Less fertiliser usage, Reduces water consumption
• Hydroenergiser has no maintenance, no electricity required, no
magnets, chemicals, and lots long years


• Used in heat exchangers, cooling towers, and general water supply
to rescue maintenance and scale formation
• Requires less men for maintenance
• Plumbing and industrial equipments lasts longer
• No regeneration or waste of water, more environment friendly

Community water supply

• Hydroenergiser can also be used for community water supply
• Helps reduce replacement of pipes and valves
• No more digging of ground to replace / repair pipes
• Cleaner water to community residents
• Less maintenance hours, so less men hours
• Tanks are more cleaner, Healthier environment, healthier people